"Best in Social Media" Weekly Round-Up 6/5/12

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Insight and Studies

What Makes Someone Leave a Website (Infographic) from Social Media Today

Detailed graphic of how not to layout a website and what viewers react to:

Attracting a potential customer is hard enough.  Grabbing their interest and retaining them is even more difficult.  It’s important to design your site so that user frustration is kept to a minimum, thereby maximizing customer retention.  Below are some examples of what not to do when designing your website.

 Salesforce.com Expected To Buy Buddy Media, Ups Social Marketing Muscle from MediaPost

Amid broad consolidation in the social marketing space, Salesforce.com is reportedly closing in on Facebook specialist Buddy Media. Although unconfirmed by either company, the would-be deal comes just a week after Oracle agreed to buy social marketing firm Vitrue for a reported $300 million.  While the transaction has yet to close, Buddy Media and SalesForce.com have already agreed to terms that value Buddy at more than $800 million, reports AllThingsD. 

Get caught in the act doing something good from PR Week

Stresses the importance in freely distributing quality information without restraint through social media channels:

The best way to be “caught in the act” is by sharing information freely, openly, and often – providing valuable, useful content to potential clients. Companies that give away quality content through a variety of communications channels can dominate their competition in social media.

Ten tips every PR pro must master when emailing clients
from PR Week

Writers have gotten lazy recently with regards to communicating with clients. These important tips can aid in making an email to a client advantageous and favorable:

1.Tell people what they need to know.  2.Take the time to provide a brief salutation. 3. Use numbered bullet points. 4. Include words “please” and “thank you.” 5. Avoid writing sentences that are longer than 30 words. 6. Describe what action should result from the correspondence. 7. Note who is responsible for the action. 8. Provide specific due dates-with times. 9. Avoid giving orders. 10. Provide a relevant and provocative subject line.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing Is An Oxymoron (Branding Strategy Insider)

The term "social media marketing" is now firmly established in our current lexicon. The big job is to get the marketer embedded in the "social," and once there, pile on the "marketing." The truth is, though, that consumers are not listening. Here's why.

4 Ways To Use Storytelling For B2B Social Media (Social Media B2B)

B2B companies who embrace social media to connect with prospects and customers need to understand storytelling as a means for communication. No one wants to hear about your products. They want to hear about solutions to their problems.

Women Are Bugger Fans of Social Media than Men, Survey Says from Mashable

2,000 Brits were surveyed and the results indicate that 54% use social media sites compared to 34% of men:

It’s no secret that women tend to use Pinterest more than men. Women are also more likely to have a blog than men. And the usage of social media by women influences advertisers and shapes web content.


Why Online Brand Marketers Better Get an Interest in Pinterest, Fast from Social Media Today

While Pinterest hasn’t made major news in the last few weeks, it is still important for Marketers to use Pinterest to reach Moms and e-commerce shoppers:

A few months ago I wrote of the need for brand managers to get “pinterested” due to the fact that women, AKA the one responsible for the majority of household purchase decisions has “developed an affinity for the latest and greatest social media platform.”

It would also appear that those in the e-commerce world better also get “pinterested” if they have not already.


Facebook Camera: The Love Child of Facebook and Instagram from Social Media Today

We already see a result of the Instagram-Facebook combination:

The transformation is complete. Not even two months after the purchase of Instagram Facebook has released its own photo app to the public. Facebook Camera, a separate app from the Facebook mobile app, can be considered a complete clone to Instagram.

Facebook Promoted Posts: A Step-By-Step Guide from Mashable

Facebook adapted a new feature that now lets businesses promote their posts for a certain fee. The advantage this brings to businesses is that they increase the amount of people a business reaches for any eligible post. They also can specifically target their audience by language or location as well as keep track of how many people viewed their post:

Earlier this year, Facebook shared the statistic that a Brand Page’s content is only seen by 16% of the fans. Facebook’s slew of ad tools and these new Promoted Posts are geared to help businesses reach and engage more of their fan base. A brand can now pay $5, $10, $15 or $20 to “get more people who like your Page to see this post.”

Facebook Rolling Out ‘Trending Videos’ [REPORT] from Mashable

Facebook users recently have come across a new feature that trends articles in their news feed and now Facebook will do the same with viral videos:

Once you’ve got the new feature, it will auto-populate with videos your friends are watching on Facebook’s Open Graph apps…However, plenty of Mashable readers found the feature cumbersome and annoying. One, David Holley, called it “obnoxious as hell” because it didn’t seem to actually highlight articles that his friends were reading.

Facebook Finally Lets Page Admins Schedule Posts, Have Different Roles from Mashable

Facebook is letting Page admins schedule posts and brands can now individualize specific duties for different page admins:

Separate help center page from Facebook also provides an answer to one question many Facebook Page admins have been asking for some time: How do I schedule a post to appear later? The answer: From your Page’s sharing tool.


Twitter trumps Facebook as Primary source of Social Media Intelligence from Social Media Today

Interesting- More companies are monitoring their Twitter regularly than Facebook:

The survey shows that 62.5% of companies monitor Twitter and 69.4% monitor LinkedIn as part of their day-to-day intelligence activities. However, Facebook and Google+ are not regarded as essential sources to monitor, with just 47.2% and 35.2% of companies monitoring these sites regularly.

‘Crowdspeaking’ Platform Thunderclap Pushes Your Tweets to the Masses from Mashable

A new site called Thunderclap helps messages trend on Twitter:

A message will be Thunderclapped if it gets a certain number of supporters by a certain date in time, determined when you create the message. The default setting is 500 supporters within seven days. Once the goal is reached, the message will be automatically re-tweeted by every person who supported your message by clicking the “Back this Message” button.

The site is partnering with notable people who have strong social media followings. Essentially, the person sends out an invite tweet (or status update or email), encouraging people to support a message and take action. This message will link them to the Thunderclap website. Currently, there is no limit to the number of Thunderclaps per day, but the company says it’s keeping it small to start so as not to crash any servers. It’ll also be measuring the effectiveness of certain Thunderclaps as it rolls out.


How to Use YouTube for Marketing Your Business from Social Media Today

Video is becoming crucial in online marketing; here are a few tips to doing so:

The best part about using YouTube for your company videos is that embedding the YouTube link on your site saves bandwidth, meaning a faster download time for customers when they visit your page. However, make sure that you take full advantage of the SEO and branding options available through YouTube by following the simple tips below.

Marketing to Moms

Multi-Level Mommas from MediaPost: Engage Moms

Goes to show the best way to market to Mom may be having her sell the product for you:

Most moms are natural-born multi-taskers—an ability that many of them are nurturing as part of their transformation into effective multi-level marketers. This can be unofficially traced back to the advent of the home party, where moms emerge as effusive sales consultants for their favorite brands, inviting their friends over and for product-themed social events in a festive setting. These home-based entrepreneurs often followed the reliable wine-in-the-kitchen/products-in-the-dining room format, but once creative and smart marketers started catching on, they began offering moms new ways to sell more, more often, and without even popping a cork!

Brand Social Media Marketing Strategies

Pepsi to Provide Free Music Downloads on Twitter from Mashable

During the upcoming summer and fall months Pepsi will offer free music downloads, music videos, and a series of concerts through a year long partnership with Twitter:

The “Live for Now Music” initiative is an extension of Pepsi’s recently launched “Live for Now” global campaign, will offer free music downloads, music videos and a series of pop-up concerts this summer and fall. Every Wednesday for the next 52 weeks, Pepsi will offer videos providing an overview of the artists, music and music news trending on Twitter that week. In addition, @pepsi will offer free downloads from the Amazon MP3 store for fans who follow the brand on Twitter and use the hashtag #PepsiMusicNOW in their tweets. The brand will also use Twitter to announce pop-up concerts, which it will offer on-demand afterward for fans who want to watch it later.

How (RED) United the Social Web in the Fight Against AIDS from Mashable

Red has utilized social awareness for RED’s iconic products through specific digital campaigns and partnerships with prevailing brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple and Starbucks:

RED’s most recent digital campaign, RED Rush to Zero, includes three new efforts to drive money toward the Global Fund: the RED Rush Games, a global video gaming tournament; the RED Music program, which offers RED tickets to concerts featuring popular artists at major venues; and the Cash & Rocket RED Tour, a fundraising mission across Europe. RED Rush to Zero will take place June 1-10.

JCPenney June Book Features Gay Dads Huffington Post

After working with JCP we’ve kept an eye on what they have done in the social media space as well as national ad campaigns. JCP stands strong, preparing their Father’s Day ad!

JCPenney has put out another gorgeous ad featuring a same-sex couple, this time two dads and their two kids in honor of Father's Day. It seems pretty clear that One Million Moms had less than no effect on JCPenney. (Other than perhaps inspiring JCP to keep moving forward seeing how desperately ads like this are needed.)

Social Video Boosts JCPenney Brand Lift 23% from MediaPost

 With the Olympics just around the corner, brand marketers will be looking for ways to leverage their marketing for the Games and to boost their ad buys with social components, as brands increasingly integrate social video into larger broadcast campaigns.

Agency Trends

The Ongoing Agency Evolution (Society Of Digital Agencies)

Some of the most successful agencies embrace a "beta culture"--where they are always experimenting, prototyping, and placing small bets to learn and build on what's working--both for their clients' needs as well as their own bottom lines.

Pay-For-Performance: Agencies' New Reality (CMO.com)

As CMOs feel the pressure of added accountability from their organizations, that pressure is rightly being shared with their agencies. The agencies that succeed are the ones that truly understand marketing's responsibility beyond brand impressions.



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